Curvy Wood Buffet can be custom designed-$200 per 24 hours or purchase at $450 wood $700 custom paint

Cream Buffet with wood top $200 rent/ $500 purchase

Farmhouse Coffee Table $125 rent/ $300 for purchase

Vintage 1950s desk makes a great cigar bar- $100 rent/$250 purchase

3 Tier Table makes a great cupcake display! Gray with mint accents $50 rent/185 purchase

Beautiful blanket chest makes a great coffee table $100 rent

Painted trunk makes a cute coffee table $40 rent $150 purchase

Hoosier Cabinet makes a great dessert buffet or  bar $200 rent

Antique steamer trunk $65 rent-makes a great gift card or advice collection. Various other trunks available.

Vintage Bed Springs-Use to create a beautiful floral backdrop, hang with vintage lights to light up a dance floor, head table, lounge area and much, much more. $50 24 hour rental

3 Door prop makes an excellent photobooth or backdrop for many of our other antique and vintage items. With or without posts. $200 - 24 hour rental

Vintage Fireplace Mantle-$75

Gorgeous Antique Lead Glass Window-this beautiful large window is an excellent piece to use as  the backdrop for the ceremony-$250