They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and that if you look deep within you can see a persons sincerity and truth. As we walk down the aisle to marry our one true love, a sense of adventure into a world uncharted fills us with overwhelming joy. An arrangement of windows that serves as a backdrop to the commitment of marriage can evoke a very romantic love scene that encapsulates the bond of two people. For we have no idea what lies beyond the glass other than the strength of our love that stands beside us.

Throughout history, windows have been used as a symbol of love, hope, adventure and future. In literature and film, many have beckoned one another to the window through song, poetry and the occasional pebble. Vintage windows of all types lend to the aura of this history and the wonder of the greatness of love. We can contemplate the stories behind each window’s past-where it came from and the many incidents of love it may have witnessed. The age, patina, style and color of vintage windows mirror the commitment of marriage in that an old, yet strong window weathers all storms and the beauty within continues to shine for years to come.

The Pantone 2017 color of the year-Greenery-is the perfect color contrast for vintage windows with of any patina. By its nature spring green signifies new beginnings. When paired with vintage windows it evokes a fresh yet calm, romantic mood that works with virtually any wedding theme. The essence of new beginnings spring greenery combined with strong and steady vintage windows creates the perfect ceremonial message without saying a single word. It's understated, yet elegant for today's modern bride.

When considering windows as an architectural accent to a wedding ceremony or reception, first consider the area in which they will be used. Next, consider where the sun will be during the event. Glass reflects light and displayed in the wrong manner can result in disastrous wedding photos or beams of reflective light shining in your future spouse’s eyes. Vintage window frames might be a good alternative for outdoor applications in certain types of daylight and weather conditions. Antique and vintage windows also look fantastic at night strung with filament lights to illuminate a lounge area, the head table or dessert buffet table. The use of windows in event and home decor is endless. All it takes is imagination and a little clear vision. For great ideas visit our Pinterest page @bluehousedfw and view the Spring Green in 2017 board as well as our Vintage Doors and Windows board. We have plenty of windows and doors in our inventory to fulfill whatever your vision may be.